Who are the inspectors?

by Kitty

Three inspectors were involved in the day to day running of the Force.

Two of them were more or less equal in seniority having been in that rant for about 5 years.  

Arthur Firth was a hard drinking, hard-swearing man but who, whilst a man strong on discipline, was an Inspector who supported his men and commanded their respect.

Harry Temple was quite the opposite, lacking in personality, grumpy and because of his uncertainty when faced with problems, the men tended to avoid him to make decisions if they could ask someone else.

Both these Inspectors has reached their rank because they were involved in the Force cricket team.

It was a well known fact that if you played cricket then the powers that be looked on you favourably.  This is there were two men with equal experience, qualifications and personality jockeying for promotion, the one would played cricket would get it.

Harry Temple had slightly more time in by way of service than Arthur Firth and thus when “Bull” was on leave, Harry Temple would become Acting Chief Inspector.

Thus there was an undercurrent of rivalry between these two Inspectors which was well known among the ranks.

The other inspector Gordon Davis who had a better grasp of the law than the other two did not aspire to any further promotion and just got on with his job.