Chief Inspector

by Kitty

The Chief Constable leaves the day to day running of his force to Chief Inspector William Hanson known behind his back as “Bull”.

Bull has 18 years service having come through the ranks to his present position not through being an outstanding copper but initially be being a member of the Force cricket team.  Subsequently, he came to notice when better officers were absent on war service.]  Now he is well established enough to stifle any competition or any challenge to his authority.

Bull is an apt description.  His is an imposing figure over 6 foot tall and 17 stone.  He is handy with his fists but there are few occasions these days when he is likely to be involved in physical contact with the public.

He is bull-headed by nature and this whos in is dealing with the officers in the force.  He is autocratic and goes beyond what is necessary to ensure obedience and discipline.  He prosecutes police cases in the Magistrates’ Court in an extremely forceful manner and whilst this may not always be to the taste of the magistrates on the bench, his bullish attitude goes unchallenged.

He is a man of strong character in a powerful position.

He is a Freemason but in a somewhat lower lodge that that of the Chief Constable.  Whilst the Chief Constable hob-nobs with the senior officers of the Corporation, large mill-owners, doctors and the like, Bull has as his social companions small business owners and others of what you might term second rank Masons.

Whilst Bull might bawl out in strong language any of his subordinates who he feels has erred in however small a way and punish heavily any intransigence ie breach of the police regulations – and a dressing down on the streets of the town if the fit took him, he had one redeeming feature.

If he came across any officer on the street who was struggling with a trouble-maker, Bull would pitch in with his fists to help out.  He would also support any officer in presentation of a case before the courts.

Overall, Bull was disliked by most of his subordinates.