Policing on Saturday night

by Kitty

One Saturday night there has been a melee in the town centre, a few glasses smashed, a couple of windows in a pub put through and a few broken heads among the youths outside the pub.

We got the phone call in the police station in the Town Hall and it was said that a gang of about 15 or so had been responsible, they were armed with weapons and wre believed to be from Leeds.

Three of us took the Black Maria and drove to Wellington Station.  This was about 11.30pm.  The last train to Leeds was 11.45pm.

Crossing the footbridge we could see about 15-20 youths on the Leeds bound platform.  We three police constables descended the steps and turned onto the platform.

At the same time we heard a clatter as weapons consisting of knives, crow bars and motorcycle chains were thrown onto the railway line.

Some youths stood their ground and protested innocence.  Two or three made a dash up the stairs.

I remember one in particular was over truculent and one of the policemen who was more than handy with his fists, took the youth around the corner and hit him so hard he slumped half concious against the wall.

This took the steam out of the others who were being marshalled across the bridge to the police van.

Meanwhile help has arrived with three more policemen.

One of them was a bit naive and I found him round the wall corner patting the face of the semi-concious youth and saying “Tell me who hit you and I’ll arrest him!

I said, “Come on Ted.  Don’t be daft, pick him up and bring him along.”

We put them all in the cells and went back to the station after the last train had gone.  We collected a large assortment of weapons as a result of which all were charged with possessing offensive weapons.