Half-dressed Policeman

by Kitty

On another occasion, Harold was on night duty and whilst it was a warm night, it was pouring down with rain continuously.

The  normal protection against rain was a police issue cape made of thick Melton cloth.  Even after several hours the cape prevents rain getting to the uniform underneath.

We also a pair of leggings.  These consist of two seperate leggings of some strong, waterproof material that you slip on over your uniform trousers.  The come to mid-thigh; from there there is a strap with button-holes so that each legging can be held up by fixing each strap to the buttons on the trouser tops.  Uniform trousers are designed to be held up by braces.

On rainy nights and if you could put leggings over a dry pair of trousers, they were ideal but were quite heavy and caused condensation/perspiration.

On this particular night, Harold had got pretty soaked by 2am when it came to mealtime.  After his meal he decided to wear his leggings which were in his Police Box but his trousers were wet through.  He, therefore, removed his trousers, put on his leggings attaching them to his braces and continued his night duty like that.  When I relieved Harold at 6am, I found him by his Police Box dressed in underpants, leggings, tunic and cape.

Only when the cape was lifted was it apparent he was not fully dressed.  Goodness knows what would have happened had Harold been called to an incident and met a member of the public.