Late night break in

by Kitty

I was working the night shift from 10pm until 6am.  Things had quietened down by about 1am.

I walked down Foundry Street and there was not a soul about.  As I checked properties, I came to the Snack Bar.  It had double doors fronting onto Foundry Street and a window on a onto the side alley.  The front doors were secure. As I entered the side alley, I found the lower half of the sash window borken but the window was in the closed position.

I suspected a break in but there was no sight nor sound of anyone.  Had the thief left or was he still on the premises?

I could not stand at the window as the thief might emerge from the front door.  I stooed at the corner of the building with both the side and front under observation.  I waited for 15 minutes.  I heard footsteps.

Along Foundry Street came Dicky Tyler, a detective with 20 years experience in the force.  We had a brief conversation.  Dick was obviously going back to HQ to sign off.  He said he did not think anyone was still in the cafe.  He says he will ask HQ to send somebody out and leaves.

The intruder must have thought we had both gone because a few minutes later he sticks his head out of the window.

“Come on silly bugger!  Open the front door” said I.

He did so.  Turns out to be a youth about 18 years old.  I take him back inside and make sure he is the only person on the premises.  The place is ransacked.  I shut the door behind us and walk him to the Police Station.

No fatuous comments like “You’re nicked” or “You are under arrest”.  He knew that he was.  Such formalities will be entered in the police notebook and confidently given as evidence before the court later.

We went into the Police Station and into the first office on the right, the Charge Office.  The Night Clerk PC and the Inspector are standing at the charge desk.

The Inspector reaches over the charge desk and with a a right hand the size of a ham shank gives the youth an almighty sidewinder over the left ear.  This resulted in the youth sprawling 2-3 yards into the corner.

The youth pulls himself to his feet and flinchingly answers meekly every question put to him.

We found stolen cash on him and put him in the cells.  He appeared before the Magistrates 3 days later and was bailed.  He subsequently appeared before the court and was placed on probation.