Don’t arrest the landlord of the pub!

by Kitty

Mistakes could soon be mdae when arrests were made of more than one person.

One Saturday afternoon, I was in the Police Station when the duty driver and I had to go with the police van.  The van is known as the Black Maria although is actually grey in colour.  We headed to the Black Bull in the town centre.

The Bull is one of the roughest pubs run by Annie the licensee and her husband.  We were called there frequently, often after 10pm at night but sometimes during the day.

Two of the town constables had been called to a melee at the pub and the Black Maria was required opposite the front door to collect the bodies of those customers who were thrown out.

A crowd of Saturday shoppers gathered to watch the fun as the two town P.Cs went in.  I waited at the door and the Black Maria driver stood by the open rear doors of the van.  I could hear the pandemonium that reigned in the pub.

Soon customers were being thrown out of the door, quite literally.  I sent them on their way, protesting, into the arms of the van driver.  He flung them into the Black Maria.

We soon has a van load and took them to the Police Station, followed on foot by the two town constables.

When we got the eight or nine prisoners into the Charge Room, they were to be charged with drunk and disorderly behaviour.  We suddenly realised with shock that we had mistakenly picked up the landlady’s husband.

We dusted him down, apologised and allowed him to return to the Black Bull.

I don’t think he was too happy but, forunately for us, he did not make a fuss.