The day I arrested Santa Claus

by Kitty

When I arrested Santa Claus, it made the local headlines.

Here am I a fledgling constable working the day shift in Ravenscliffe.  A couple of women came to me with a complaint.  A man dressed as Father Christmas was operating from the back of a lorry in one of the back streets.  He was tempting children coming home from school to go to their houses and bring him a sackful of clothing.  Such clothing which we call rages makes a good price.

Numerous children had responded and “Santa” was collecting a goodly quantity of rags in return for one balloon per child.

This counted as an arrestable offence so I made my way to the place where I caught “Santa” in the act.

I arrested him and told him to drive his wagon and me to the Police Station.  He was charged still dressed in his red robes.

He was fined by the court but I reckon I came off worse with all the ribbing I took from colleages and the general public for being the copper to arrest Santa Claus.