Settling into police life

by Kitty

A few days into my new job as a police officer, I have realised that accidents don’t happen every five minutes.  Armed robberies are non-existent and people don’t fall dead in the street very often either.

As for giving directions to places I don’t know, I pretend I quite clearly do and send them on their way with a number of left turns and right turns.  Then I keep out of the way for ten minutes in case the come back looking for me.

I think I am developping the sang froid and the confidence that I can deal with whatever gets thrown up.  However, I have to admit there is a certain amount of apprehension on going to an incident followed by a burst of adrenaline when you get there and start dealing with it.

The thing is that I am totally on my own on the street.  The Chief Constable apparently reckons it is a waste or resources to have policemen in pairs.

The nearest Police Box is often half a mile away and assistance can be a long time coming if it comes at all.

So bit by bit, I am learning to cope, improvising if necessary and learning how to diffuse situations.

I am that bit more experienced than I was when I started.  I’ll stick with it I think.