A Policeman’s Lot and Vehicles

by Kitty

I’ve not long left the Royal Navy.  Like many lads leaving the Armed Forces, I have joined my local police force back home.

There are about 75 of us and about 60 per cent have joined as constables from the forces in the last 2 years.

You get used to walking in this job.  The only mobility apart from your own size 12s is a maid-of-all-work van commonly known outside police circles as the Black Maria.  It’s a Vauxhall saloon. You are only allowed to use it on specific jobs and it won’t surprise you to know that mainly means C I D work!

The other police vehicle is a Wolseley saloon of the type that has running boards.  This was used to take the Chief Constable to and from home for his mealtimes.

Finally, there is the 1927 pre-selector Rolls Royce pre-selector gear box Ambulance used to attend accidents involving injury.

We are considered lucky (!) to have two 1000cc ex-Army motorcycles still in khaki camoflauge livery.  We aren’t often allowed to use them and for most of us, that is a huge relief.  They break down all the time and when they do work, they are too powerful to handle.

Well, my Navy Days are behind me and I aim to document my life and times in the Denville town police force.

I feel like I have been thrown in at the deep end.  Fancy joining me?